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Walker Bailey American Legion Post 205

Walker Bailey American Legion Auxiliary 205

Walker Bailey American Legion Auxiliary 205

Walker Bailey American Legion Auxiliary 205 Walker Bailey American Legion Auxiliary 205

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School Awards




Walker Bailey Post # 205

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Application Instructions

Please complete the application to apply for the Scholarship.


1. Must be a senior enrolled in High School with a 2.6 G.P. A, or better (Transcripts attached to application);

2. Child or Grandchild of a U.S. Veteran, living, deceased or on active duty;

3. Must already be enrolling in a college/community college or technical school for the upcoming fall semester;

· Write an essay confirming desire for the scholarship; (maximum of two pages) explaining your goals, aspirations, accomplishments, and academic history must accompany this application.

· Application must include 3 references one from a teacher, one from a fellow student, and one other of applicant’s choice.

· Previous scholarship winners currently attending a college or Technical school may also apply for a $500.00 scholarship. (Same requirements apply)

· Special consideration will be given for applicants who are descendants of members of Walker Bailey Post 205.


A scholarship check will be sent to the recipient upon proof of successful admission and commitment to attend a Community College, University, College, or Technical School, along with the first semester/quarter schedule; this must be received 30 days from the first day of class or the scholarship will be forfeited.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Please mail all materials to no later than May 1, 2020:

Walker Bailey American Legion

PO Box 205

Fortuna, CA 95540


School Awards



 Walker Bailey American Legion Post 205 Gives awards to community members for outstanding actions!

School Awards

School Awards

School Awards




                     Youth are often awarded for their scholastic achievements, but The American Legion believes they should also be praised when they demonstrate strong qualities of character and good citizenship. That's why, since 1926, the Legion has recognized such students with its School Award Medal Program.

In 1921, the Department of Pennsylvania created the School Award Medal Program for the purpose of instilling character and helping perpetuate the ideals of Americanism among youth. The award is given to a boy and a girl in the graduating classes of elementary school, junior and senior high school, and college. Those who receive a medal must exemplify six qualities that define character: courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.

Candidates for the award are voted upon by a school's faculty and members of the candidates graduating class through a secret ballot casting. The local Legion post involved with the school makes the final selection upon receiving recommendation from students and faculty. Each awardee receives a certificate and a medal with the six qualities listed on the face of the medal, as the back bears the Marine Corps motto, "Semper Fidelis" ("always faithful").

The program's success for the past 90-plus years has been prominent. In its first year, 145 students received medals and in 2013, more than 18,000 were awarded medals. And every year the department with the strongest activity in the School Award Medal Program receives the Ralph T. O'Neil Education Trophy, named for The American Legion's 1930 national commander. 

Boys State

Legion Baseball

School Awards



Boys State is a nationwide program with a number of excellent organizations educating young men to be the leaders of tomorrow.

American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and  selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S.  high-school students. A participatory program in which students become  part of the operation of local, county and state government, Boys State  was founded in 1935 to counter the socialism-inspired Young Pioneer  Camps. 

Legion Baseball

Legion Baseball

Legion Baseball




SR Legion Team (19 and under)

Fortuna, CA

Sponsored by

Team manager
Derek Long
Ph: (509) 481-1281 

Thousands of youth have hit home-runs thanks to Legion  Posts across the state that sponsor American Legion Baseball. For  wholesome fun, healthy competition and good sportsmanship, invite a  youth that you know to try out for one of the most successful and  respected amateur athletic leagues.

Since 1925, American Legion Baseball has contributed  to the development of good sportsmanship and citizenship while  providing wholesome recreation for our nation’s youth. Many former  players are now playing in the major leagues thanks to their  participation in Legion baseball

Little League

Legion Baseball

Legion Baseball

Youth are often awarded for their scholastic achievements, but The American Legion believes they sho

  Walker Bailey American Legion Post 205 Sponsors the Eel River Little League and the Minor League team the Giants. Pictures, Pictures on Photo Gallery!

More Sponsored Programs

Hydesville 4-H Shooting Club

Hydesville 4-H Shooting Club

Hydesville 4-H Shooting Club



The  Humboldt County 4-H Air Rifle project is affiliated with the American  Legion Post 205 in Fortuna as well as the CMP. Air Rifle is a county  wide 

project that allows 4-H youth members from all 4-H clubs within  Humboldt County to participate in learning firearm safety and the rifle  discipline. The skills that youth learn in air rifle will transfer over  to small bore and some high power rifle shooting. We teach Olympic Style  3 Position Air Rifle, and specialize in the building of a solid bone  supported position in prone, standing, and kneeling that can carry over  to field hunting positions as well. Our youth will learn how to safely  handle a rifle, set up their gear, load their own rifle, build a strong  position, shoot at their target which is 33 feet away (10 meters) and  hit their mark! We teach the importance of good mental management as it  is an essential part of not only the learning experience, but positive  development of the youth in general. The rifle discipline  teaches/enforces the development of focus, decision making, record  keeping, determination, persistence, and handling successes/failures  with grace. The bonus is that these skills serve youth very well in  other areas of their lives.

Our  experience with teaching youth the rifle discipline is extensive as we  have been doing this for 9 years on various rifle ranges in the Bay  Area, as well as training  our daughter during her competitive and NCAA  collegiate rifle career. When Mike retired in 2011 we moved back home to  this area and chose to continue teaching youth by starting this 4-H air  rifle project. We shoot 17 caliber air rifles with peep sights at our  indoor range twice monthly. Having fun and learning something new is  what we offer our 4-H youth. Our project provides everything a youth  needs to learn the rifle discipline at absolutely no cost to youth or  their family. Watching youth grow within our project is a very rewarding  experience.

 The kids are learning prone, standing and kneeling positions and doing  great! This year in June they participated in the California 4H State  Prone Postal Match and they really did fantastic! We had two youth in  the Advanced Division win gold & bronze, as well as three youth in the  Intermediate Division sweep it for a gold, silver, and bronze! They  also took State Team trophies home!! I will mention here that two of  these youth are first year project members!
We just purchased six new Crosman 2009 Challenger Air Rifles and will  be moving kids into those rifles shortly as they demonstrate the  skillset we think necessary to use them. These kids continue to amaze  us each project meeting, and we learn from them as they learn the  rifle discipline.  

Contact Mike or Lori Gill 707-315-4937


Hydesville 4-H Shooting Club

Hydesville 4-H Shooting Club


Details forthcoming!